Saturday, January 5, 2008

some recent alberta adventuring;

Finally got a chance to look at the photos Lainna took during our recent trip to Calgary for the Calgary Extravaganza (including this one, above, of Trisia Eddy looking back through the rear-view mirror as we head south), and the subsequent Olive Reading Series in Edmonton featuring Christine Stewart [see my note on both here]. I always forget how close the two cities actually are to each other, and wonder why there isn't more interaction between the two? I'm going down again in February to read at the University of Calgary (a week or two before the writer-in-residence down there, Sina Queyras, comes up to read here); very much looking forward to it. Here's a photo of Trisia Eddy (note the vintage CBC Radio t-shirt) and Cara Hedley (she tagged along for the ride to her reading) having lunch in Red Deer; Red Deer is the only place I can think of that has opposing newspaper boxes side-by-side, the Calgary Sun and the Edmonton Sun. I think a fun game would be to see how often the same photos appears on both covers; because Lainna left her sunglasses there, we had lunch at the same place again the next day, except Trisia & I filled up on milkshakes & then couldn't finish lunch. Heh.
Cara Hedley, myself and Trisia Eddy in Cindy's Tea Room & Gift Shop, Red Deer; I was going to purchase something for my kid, but most of the stuff was either too tacky or not tacky enough;
Cara Hedley in the car, figuring out what she was going to read that night;
derek beaulieu [see his 12 or 20 here] launching flatland (Information as Material);
kevin mcpherson-eckhoff & Mark Hopkins getting a wee bit personal (but still adorable, somehow);
ryan fitzpatrick & Ian Glen Kinney;
a very lovely photo of Trisia Eddy;
Cara Hedley and Brea Burton (she reads here with Jill Hartman at the Olive Series on January 22) deep in conversation;
Paul Kennett (co-host) & Jill Hartman looking adorable together;
ryan fitzpatrick (right) wondering what the hell, exactly, I'm on about [see the brief review I did of his first book here]... & who is this "Heather"?
Makyee Mak and kevin mcpherson-eckhoff, looking mournful & artistic-like;
group photo at the pub post-reading, with myself, Cara Hedley, Mark Hopkins (co-host), Jill Hartman [see her 12 or 20 questions here], Frances Kruk (she has come cool visual poems here), Andre Rodgrigues;
Also, a few photos from that December Olive reading at Hulbert's [note that the next one won't be on January 8th, but January 22nd, as the venue is closed next week]. This photo: Olive co-organizer & chapbook producer Jeff Carpenter;
former Ottawa resident, current Olive co-organizer & Spire the Poetry Poster editor/publisher Kristy McKay making an odd gesture to Trisia Eddy (be sure to come hear her read at the first Factory (West) Reading on January 15);
the lovely T.L. Cowan, Olive co-organizer;
And finally, Lisa Szabo (co-editor of the online journal The Goose) with Christine Stewart [see her 12 or 20 questions here].
It makes me wonder what I will do once I finally have to leave this place? It makes me envious, somewhat, that the playwright-in-residence, Kevin Kerr (husband of poet Marita Dachsel) has a two-year post, where mine is only one...

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