Sunday, January 20, 2008

The (first) Factory (West) Reading, Edmonton

Here are some pictures, courtesy of Lainna [see previous photos from a previous Calgary etc adventure here] from the first installment of my Edmonton monthly reading series (January-May, 2008) at the Black Dog, The Factory (West) Reading Series (information on the second event here). A good crowd of about twenty-five plus people, with readings by Trisia Eddy, Jenna Butler, Joel Katelnikoff and Thomas Wharton (see his note on the same here).

I am just, apparently, introducing Joel from the author bio at the back of the Coming Attractions 06 (Ottawa ON: Oberon Press, 2006) anthology he was in; three authors, three stories each (he still has copies for $15 if you're interested).

Joel appearing to read a story of some sort. I met him moons ago when he came west to one of the ottawa small press book fairs to represent that magazine he used to be part of, QWERTY.

Trisia Eddy, looking over her shoulder at something.
We don't know why Joel looks like this; something about sitting at the bar?
Jenna Butler, just starting to read some of her prairie poems, perfectly timed for Winnipeg poet/critic Dennis Cooley's arrival.
Jenna Butler and her husband looking adorable. She will also be reading at the upcoming Edmonton John Newlove launch/screening.
Thomas Wharton [see his 12 or 20 questions here] gritting his teeth for some reason; he read a magnificent non-fiction piece about bears.
Some of the crowd; note Dennis Cooley lurking on the stairs...
Diane Cameron, who opens the second reading; that's Mark McCawley [see my note on his publishing here; see his 12 or 20 questions here] in the background, with his sister to the right. His son also works at the Black Dog Freehouse.
We don't know who this guy is, or why Lainna took his photo; he was "hanging around" by the payphone upstairs as we were leaving the reading. Is that creepy or what?
Thomas Wharton and Christine Stewart (who reads in Calgary this week with Lisa Robertson); Lainna suggested "twins separated at birth," perhaps.
Heather MacLeod and unknown; I mean, she's known, I've only met her half a dozen times, but why can't I remember people's names?
Christine Stewart [see her 12 or 20 here] listening to something that Trisia Eddy is saying.
Christine Stewart (again) and Trisia Eddy (again).
Winnipeg poet/critic Dennis Cooley [see his 12 or 20 here] and Edmonton poet/critic Douglas Barbour [see his 12 or 20 here]; Cooley had actually read earlier in the afternoon at the University of Alberta, and was nice enough to come by the reading to hang around.
Somewhere else after the reading; the side of Trisia Eddy's head and the side of my face at the Elephant & Castle on Whyte; Trisia was hungry, so we had to get some food.
Information on the next reading here; will we see you there? Aren't you sorry you missed all of this?

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