Friday, February 15, 2008

The Olive Reading Series, Edmonton;

Olive Reading Series co-organizer Douglas Barbour [see his 12 or 20 questions here] took a bunch of photos from the most recent event, featuring Edmonton poet Jenna Butler [see her 12 or 20 questions here]. The next reading, on March 11th (7pm), features Bert Almon's University of Alberta senior creative writing (poetry) class (who could it be? we think Lainna might even be reading, but we don't know for sure...).

Jeff Carpenter, 'pataphysician, who recently handed the reins of Olive chapbook production over to his pal and fellow 'pataphysician, Glenn Robson; this is obviously a group that endorses moustache use.

Jenna Butler (who has a forthcoming and recently-announced first poetry collection with NeWest, as well as a chapbook next month with above/ground press in the ALBERTA SERIES). Behind her, seated, are myself (with devil eyes), Lainna, Trisia Eddy (hidden), Jeff and Glenn.
Jenna Butler with her eyes closed; knee-deep in poesie.
Jenna Butler from a distance; when did Jeff start drinking pints with his pinky in the air?
Being immediately pre-Valentine's Day, the reading included an open set of love/anti-love poems; Lainna might be staring directly into the camera, but Trisia goes through a copy of Daphne Marlatt's [see her 12 or 20 questions here] last poetry collection, This Tremor Love Is, for a poem to read in the open set; she was magnificent.

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Carpenter said...

I call "Photoshop!" on that tea-pinky pic. That is not the finger I normally use when the camera's on me.